A Dictionary of Dutch & Flemish Still Life Painters

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The book supplies information on 850 Dutch and Flemish painters who are known to have painted still lifes, together with another 35 painters who may have painted such subjects, and “a handful of unidentified monogrammists.” The great majority of the artists lived in the major cities of the United Republic and in Antwerp in the seventeenth century. All were active between 1525 and 1725.

On each painter the following information is given:

  • Life data: day, month and year of birth and death are defined as exactly as possible.
  • Examples of works: care has been taken to refer to reliable signed works.
  • Names of public collections
  • Appendices with useful information for further research: unidentified masters, artists who drew or engraved still-life subjects or painted them in watercolours, monogrammists, pupils of masters specialised in still-life painting, other records and signatures pertaining to still-life paintings. 
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ISBN 9789074310857
Szerző Adriaan van der Willigen, Fred G. Meijer
Kiadó Primavera Pers
Kiadás éve 2004
Borító Hardcover
Oldalszám és illusztrációk 232 pages
Nyelv English

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