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Dalí's World

Published in collaboration with the Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation, Dalí's World offers one of the most up-to-date and intriguing views of the life and works of one of the world's most famous artists of the 20th century. Augmented by the inclusion of facsimiles of over 20 documents from the archives of the Foundation, this beautiful book takes the reader through the life of one of the leading lights of the Surrealist movement.


From his first forays into the world of art to his visits to Paris and meetings with Picasso and the Surrealists, Dalí broke boundaries like few others, and themed chapters look at his fascination with other artists and writers, his collaborations with such giants as the film-makers Luis Bunuel, Alfred Hitchcock and Walt Disney as well as his adherence to and then expulsion from the Surrealist movement. Containing some rarely and previously unpublished works, Dalí's World culminates in an examination of the legacy that Dali has left behind and how successive artists have been influenced by him.

Montse Aguer is the Director of the Centre for Dalinian Studies at the Gala-Salvador Dalí Foundation and an authority on Salvador Dalí. is the commissioner/curator of numerous exhibitions of Salvador Dalí's work around the world, in such places as Taipei, Shanghai, Sweden, Athens, Spain, the USA, Italy and the UK. She lives in Spain.