Dziga Vertov.The Vertov Collection at the Austrian Film Museum

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In all, this material is a fascinating introduction to Vertov’s work for all and a temptation to travel for those of us having a more academic interest.

For the Russian filmmaker and film theorist Dziga Vertov (1896–1954) KINO was both a bold aesthetic experiment and a document of contemporary life. This book presents the Austrian Film Museum's comprehensive Vertov Collection: films, photographs, posters, letters as well as a large number of previously unpublished sketches, drawings and writings by Vertov including his extensive autobiographical "Calling Card" from 1947. Additional essays and commentaries by the editors and international contributors intend to stimulate further academic and artistic projects and to "activate" Vertov's legacy for the here and now.

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ISBN 3-901644-19-9
Sorozatcím FilmmuseumSynemaPublikationen Vol. 4
Szerkesztő(k) Thomas Tode and Barbara Wurm
Kiadó SYNEMA - Gesellschaft für Film und Medien
Kiadás éve 2006
Borító Softcover
Oldalszám és illusztrációk 288 pages, with 220 illustrations in color and b/w
Nyelv In English and German throughout

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