Glass cleaning cloth with the pattern of a painted Egyptian coffin

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For the constant need to clean the numerous screens surrounding us microfibre cleaning cloths have become indispensable in our households. For Egypt aficionados we have created one with the details of an elaborately painted, human-shaped coffin from the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest. Let's hope that the magical power of these widely spread wings affects the user positively each and every day.

Anthropoid Coffin of an Amun-priestess, first half of the 10th century B.C.; Third Intermediate Period © Fine Arts Museum, Budapest

This anthropoid coffin from the age of the 21st dinasty was made for a priestess of Amon-Re in Karnak. It is a typical piece of Theban tomb art. In this period the re-use of old graves and collective burial places became quite common, so from decorating the burial chamber walls their focus turned to painting the surface of the coffins: the elaborate depictions had to include all the important information to help the person it was built for obtain passage to the afterlife. Starting from the top we see that the charming face of the priestess is framed by a blue wig with a stylized vulture-winged headdress.

Her richly decorated multi layer usekh collar goes all the way to her hips. In the horizontal stripes underneath the collar winged protective gods are portrayed: between the Sun extending its wings over the deceased and goddes Nut we see Osiris, the god of the underworld and the scarab, the personification of the dawn Sun-god. On the two sides the figures of winged goddesses close the scene, they surround and protect the dead from all directions with their magical power. The layout and content of the decoration fields in the lower part are different from the above. The surface is divided into two parts by a text column, on both of its sides we see three sacrifice scenes taking place in a divine chapel.

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