Gulácsy, Paolo and Francesca canvas tote

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A sturdy (305 gsm) canvas tote with black straps, natural cotton lining and the same coloured drawing on both sides: the ill-fated lovers Paolo and Francesca from the medival Floerence by Lajos Gulácsy. The story of the tragically destined love couple of Divine Comedy has inspired many artists, but Gulácsy’s delicate, lyrical image can be especially popular with lovers of turn-of-the-century art. With it we can surprise our Italian or literary friends or those who, like the painter, have Italy as their chosen homeland.

 Lajos Gulácsy: Paolo and Francesca, 1903© Museum of Fine Arts – Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

This coloured drawing, one of the most celebrated by Lajos Gulácsy  (1882- 1932), is a synopsis of the inspiration he derived from his first trip to Italy. His favorite city was Florence, where he could revel in his twin passions for the past and for Dante. Dante was the subject of a cult that swept across Europe in the second half of the 19th century. In Canto V of the Divine Comedy, describing his journey through the Inferno, the poet related his meeting with the protagonists of a true-life medieval morality tale, whose tragic story moved him tears: whilst reading abou Sir Lancelot and Guinevere, the daughter of a nobleman from Ravenna, Francesca di Rimini, succumbed to her love for her husband's younger brother, Paolo Malatesta. Though they shared just one kiss, they were caught by her jealous husband, who killed them. The slender Gothic figures in their medieval surroundings exude a sense of longing and melancholy, and in their distant gaze they seem to catch a glimpse at their inevitable fate. In its lines, its handling of colour, and the way the figures are conceived, the image recalls works of the Pre-Raphaelite painters.

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Weight 0.16 kg
Material cotton
Size 430 mm x 360 mm; Handles ca. 65 mm
Back The same as the front.
Lining natural cotton
How to use Hand wash only. Do not tumble dry.

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