Hand fan with Monet's Plum Trees in Blossom

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Folding handheld fan made of lacquered birch and silklike polyester fabric. It easily fits into any bag and it also is a perfect companion on the way from one airconditioned place to the next in the summer heat. The fabric depicts a detail from a Monet painting: hills soaking in spring sunlight and blossoming plum trees in warm, radient colours. Such a fresh sight that just looking at it will take your mind off the blazing summer heat for a while.

Claude Monet: Plum Trees in Blossom, 1879 © Museum of Fine Arts - Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

Between 1878 and 1881 Monet rented a house in the commune of Vétheuil, just downstream from Paris along the river Seine. The beautiful orchard that surrounded the house may have offered him some solace during the trials and tribulations he had to endure at this stage of his life. His beloved fell ill at the end of a very long and cold winter, but when spring arrived in full flower, Monet was still able to work in relative serenity.

There is a constant debate among scholars whether the artist painted the work open air, in the garden at Vétheuil, or inside looking through the window of the house. The angle of perspective seems to confirm that the painter made this composition from the window, which was a position commonly taken up by his contemporaries, for example Édouard Manet.

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