Mantle Motif dark chocolate

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High quality dark chocolate with candied orange cubes for chocolate aficionados. Its beautiful box packaging displays Dezső Korniss' Matle Motif. The combination of the low key and vibrant coloirs and the stylized floral design makes it elegant and an ideal gift for both men and women.

In 1968 Dezső Korniss developed a style that was diametrically opposed to the calligraphic period that preceded it. He returned to the motifs of Hungarian folk art once more, this time to the rich embroidery patterns that decorated the traditional mantle known as szűr, which were stylisations of flowers, the wonders of nature, were adopted by Korniss to create a new system of visual symbols. The so-called cifraszűr (ornate mantle), regarded as the most beautiful and most Hungarian of all garments, was probably first noticed by Korniss on the tapestry entitled Shepherd by his teacher at art college. This fine, floral attire, worn in the inhospitable vastness of the plains, also symbolised a sense of freedom, while the colours of the szűr embroidery, its system of motifs and the variability of its forms meant that Korniss could incorporate these patterns into contemporary art. “In the world of textiles, of the szűrs, I discovered a new kind of possibility. A new kind, I said – everything in art is very old, it just needs to be reinterpreted. I like to experiment – I could say, I like to play – and perhaps I can offer something of this to others, to the public.”

Dezső Korniss: Mantle Motif V, 1978 © HUNGART, 2018

From the clearest springs.Tradition and Abstraction in the Art of Dezső Korniss (1908–1984). 19 December 2018 - 7 April 2019

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Allergens Allergens: Milk and milk derivative, soy, produced in a facility processing wheat flour, nut varieties, barley-malt.

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