Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam iPhone case

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Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam iPhone case
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Michelangelo: Sistine Chapel Ceiling: Creation of Adam, detail of the outstretched arms, 1510, Vatican Museums and Galleries, Vatican City © Bridgeman Images

Exhibition: The Triumph of the Body - Michelangelo and Sixteensh-century Italian Draughtsmanship, 6 April - 30 June, 2019, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

Since it is impossible to view the entire ceiling fom a single vantage point, Michelangelo divided the huge surface up into smaller units, contained within frames painted to give the illusion of real architecture. The cycle of paintings tells the story of the Creation of the World in four large scenes and five smaller ones, with the creation of Adam taking pride of place in the central frame. The Creation, Fall, Judgement, Expulsion, Suffering and Redemption are surrounded on all four sides by ignudi, nude youths portrayed in various poses, while beneath them are the monumental figures of the seven Old Testament Prophets and the five Sybils. Ancestors of Christ were painted in triangular lunettes, while the corner spandrels were decorated with Old Testament prefigurations of the Triumph of Christ.

Michelangelo probably worked with a larger team, how he delegated the tasks is unknown. One thing he deifinitely did not assign to anybody else was the design of the compositions. More than 300 figures were painted onto the vault, and they all originated from Michelangelo. This required a large number of preparatory drawings, but only few have survived. Sketches were usually not preserved and most cartoons were destroyed during the process of transferring the images onto the wet plaster. Michelangelo also actively participated in the destruction and in February 1518 he asked a close friend of his to burn the drawings stored in his Roman House. The few drawings that have escaped annihilation did so only through fortuitous circumstances.

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