Morris & Co. Seaweed travel set

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Sleeping mask, hand cream and lip balm, decorated with floral pattern in a beautiful package. Essental and useful accessories even if we travel for only a long weekend. The silky, soft sleeping mask provides a restful sleep and the lightly mentol lip balmand fresh, floral-scented hand cream make us feel fresh during the whole journey. Practical accessories with gorgeous floral pattern designed by William Morris 

John Henry Dearle: Seaweed wallpaper, 1901 © Victoria and Albert Museum, London

As the success of Morris & Co. Grew in the 18070s and Moris's name bacame more famous, it was necessary to take on more designers. Morris himself maintained a firm grip over production, and after his death in 1896 his floral vocabulary enabled those working for the firm to produce patterns firmly attributable to Morris & Co. Morris's most successful pupil was John Henry Dearle (1859-1902). Dearle began his long employment with Morris & Co working as a teenager in the firm's Oxford Street shop. William Morris took him under his wing and trained him to work firstly in the stain glass and then as his tapestry assistant. By the early 1880s, Dearle was responsible for training tapestry assistants for the firm. His natural aptitude for design then lead him to becoming the key designer for embroidery patterns at Morris & Co. After the death of William Morris, Dearle became Art Director of Morris & Co and was responsible for many popular later floral designs.

In this floral wallpaper designed by John Henry Dearle, seaweed forms the scrolling mid-ground, against which tumble blue daisy-like flowers and larger spiky flower heads. The predominant blue and green colours evoke a coastal landscape, as does the white dotted background, which resembles baranacles. The dark blue background of this wallpaper is reminiscent of Morris's indigo-dyed textiles.

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Size Gift box: 115 mm x 119 mm x 30 mm
How to use Eye Mask: 100% polyester - wipe clean only.
Produced by Inspired by the V&A, Produced under licence by Wild and Wolf Ltd.

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