Munkácsy's Yawning Apprentice pocket notebook

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Glue bound pocket notebook with a recycled leather cover, and creme-coloured blank pages. If you are looking for a small, light little notebook this might be the perfect one, not only because of its size, but for its sturdy leather cover as well. You can carry it around in your black pocket every day withouth tearing or crumpling the pages. The Munkácsy painting on its cover makes it perfect even for those who don't believe in painting after 1900.

Mihály Munkácsy: Yawning Apprentice, 1868-69 © Museum of Fine Arts - Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

Exhibition: Variations on Realism – From Munkácsy to Mednyánszky. Permanent Exhibition, Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest, Building B, 1st Floor 

Mihály Munkácsy’s painting titled Yawning Apprentice – or more precisely a head study of a yawning apprentice – is one of the best known works of Hungarian painting. Perhaps it is the only painting in the 19th-century Hungarian art that depicts such anordinary and even unseemly subject. It shows the face of a yawning young man in an almost embarrassing close-up. Munkácsy painted a full-length depiction of the same yawning apprentice. It is interesting that the master’s studies, focusing on a face or figure, are more expressive that the final, detailed compositions they were made for. This head study with a distinct character also reveals more about the protagonist’s apprenticeship than the completed full-length composition, which provides a genre-like depiction of the hard-working apprentice who is shown getting out of bed, stretching. The study here focuses more on the face and captures the otherwise ordinary scene even better. 

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Material paper
Size 145 mm x 95 mm x 15 mm
Back light brown
Pages 188

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