Pot holder with Antique Greek vase pattern

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A rectangular, hand fitting thick canvas pot holder with a black hem and a hook. We are not questioning the virtues of silicone oven mitts, but these are positively nicer to wear. And while you use them you can appreciate the most beautiful vases in the Antique Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest.

The Museum of Fine Arts is home to Hungary's only comprehensive antique collection that encompasses the entire period of classical antiquity and presents the colorful diversity of Greek, Etrusk, Roman, and Graeco-Egyptian art. One of the most valuable part of the collection consists of hundreds of everyday objects made of ceramics. From tiny jugs to huge, elaborately decorated mixing bowls we can encounter a wide range of shapes and motifs. Household use, ritual activities and festive occasions: these masterfully created objects played an important role in all areas of life. To this day we are fascinated and inspired by their perfectly ergonomic forms, the endless well of their motifs and the consciousness with which the creators adapted the patterns to the ceramics' ever changing shapes.

The graphic design of our kitchen set includes the stylized version of numerous pieces in the collection. It's not only the black-terracotta-orange tones of the pattern that recall the original artworks, some antique motifs are still decipherable on the stylized vases. We also have a fun game proposal: get a museum catalogue and a piece of this set (the tea cloth for example) and compete, who finds the black figure amphora with the runners first? Go!

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Weight 0.20 kg
Material cotton
Designer Eduard Ballester
Size 220 mm x 220 mm
Back White
How to use Cleaning: machine wash at 40°C

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