Salvador Dali at Home

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Salvador Dalí at Home explores the influence of Catalan culture and tradition, Dalí's home life and the places he lived, on his life and work. Fully illustrated with over 130 illustrations of his famous work, as well as lesser known pieces, archive imagery, contemporary landscapes and personal photographs, the book provides uniquely accessible insight into the people and places that shaped this iconic artist and how the homes and landscapes of his life relate to his work.

'an intriguing behind the scenes look into the private life of Salvador Dali, illuminating the influential forces he was subject to... The distinguishing aspect of this biography is the emphasis throughout on Dalí’s homeland and the profound impact it had on him and his creations.'  - London Magazine

Jackie De Burca is a travel, arts and culture writer and creator of Travel Inspires, a website providing comprehensive travel guides from bloggers, tour guides and other experts. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, she feels a deep connection with the land in Catalonia, where she has lived for more than fifteen years.

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ISBN 9780711239432
Szerző Jackie De Burca
Kiadó White Lion Publishing
Kiadás éve 2018
Borító Hardcover
Oldalszám és illusztrációk 176 pages, over 130 illustrations
Nyelv English

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