The Street Photographer’s Manual

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Celebrates the spirit of street photography with inspiring instruction to help you capture urban moments on phone, camera or SLR. This book is ideal for beginners because David Gibson carefully explains the subject and offers enough projects, advice and tutorials to get you started. With over 250 sample illustrations and profiles of 20 internationally acclaimed street photographers - such as Bruce Gliden, Nils Jorgensen and Saul Leiter - this book shows you that images of any style from humorous to photojournalistic and even surreal can be found out on the street.

Whether dark, edgy or humorous, street photography shows us that daily life can be a little surreal but also gently poignant. Photo sharing on Flickr and Facebook has rejuvenated the genre, and its spirit has been reborn. This book is about the possibilities of street photography, and how it can be approached in a tangible way. It begins with an overview of street photography, examining its past, present and future, and looking at how the genre has changed over time. The reader is then introduced to twenty of the most acclaimed international street photographers, among them Bruce Gilden, Alex Webb, Nils Jorgensen and Saul Leiter. Integrated within the profiles are twenty fully illustrated tutorials, including how to shoot a face in a crowd and how to train your eye to observe and capture the unexpected. This book shows you that being a street photographer is about looking for the luck. But luck requires inspiration – and that is where this book is indispensable.

David Gibson has been taking street photographs for nearly twenty-five years, is one of the founder members of In-public, the international collective of street photographers. His work appeared in Street Photography Now, also published by Thames & Hudson.

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ISBN 978-0500291306
Szerző David Gibson
Kiadó Thames and Hudson
Kiadás éve 2014
Borító Paperback
Oldalszám és illusztrációk 192 pp., over 250 illustrations
Nyelv English

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