The Surrealist Movement from Dalí to Magritte.

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The Museum of Fine Arts – Hungarian National Gallery will mount a large-scale exhibition of surrealist art. The show organised in conjunction with the Centre Pompidou is primarily based on a selection from the rich collection of the Parisian institution.

The catalogue will document the main trends of Surrealism, its central figures and outstanding artists through the extremely eventful period in the movement’s history, the year 1929 fraught with personal and artistic conflict.

1929 was a year filled with crises and conflicts, but which, like all other stages in the development of surrealism, opened up new perspectives and new avenues to explore. From the launch of the periodical Documents by Georges Bataille, the publication of the Second Manifesto of Surrealism and the arrival in Paris of Buñuel and Dalí, to Max Ernst’s invention of the first collage novel and articles by Walter Benjamin and Klaus Mann confirming the movement’s international reach, the events of 1929 brought about an almost total reinvention of surrealism. 

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ISBN 978-615-5987-05-2
Sorozatcím Publications of the Hungarian National Gallery 2019/2
Szerkesztő(k) Editor of the Hungarian / English Edition: Anna Zsófia Kovács, Series Editor: Judit Borus
Főszerkesztő Didier Ottinger, with the assistance of Marie Sarré
Kiadó Museum of Fine Arts – Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
Kiadás éve 2019
Borító Hard cover
Oldalszám és illusztrációk 246 pages, with b/w and colour illustrations
Grafikai tervezés Balázs Czeizel
Nyelv English

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