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Things Japanese: Everyday Objects of Exceptional Beauty and Significance

6.500 Ft

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If you are looking for an introduction on Japanese everyday items from the past or just have a vague curiosity on the things you see in anime or when you had that summer vacation in Japan, this book will give you that and more. Author Nicholas Bornoff and photographer Michael Freeman examine over 60 traditional objects that are uniquely Japanese, deftly illustrating their beauty and significance.

Traditional Japanese design imbues objects with a sense of history and artistry that easily reaches across cultural boundaries. 
Beautifully crafted samurai swords
Elegant wooden tansu chests
Elaborate tea ceremony implements
Exquisitely carved netsuke toggles
Fabulous silk-and-gold embroidered kimonos

Each item is described in loving detail alongside lovely full-color photographs that highlight the great artistry and craftsmanship in everyday items used by real people in traditional Japan. 

Gyártó: Tuttle Publishing
Szállítási díj: 1.500 Ft
Várható szállítás: 2023. december 05.


Nicholas Bornoff was a film critic for the Japan Times for a decade and contributed articles about contemporary Japanese culture and society to various English-language magazines.

Michael Freeman has photographed extensively in Asia, both for magazines and for numerous books, including Japan Modern and China Home.


ISBN 978-4805313039
Borító Paperback
Kiadás éve 2014
Kiadó Tuttle Publishing
Múzeumi kollekciók Hopp Ferenc Múzeum
Nyelv English
Oldalszám és illusztrációk 144 pages
Szerző Nicholas Bornoff (Author), Michael Freeman (Photographer)