Within Frames

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Within Frames exhibition encompasses a period bracketed by two major historic events: the defeat of the 1956 Revolution in Hungary and the Prague Spring of 1968. Underlying this period was the notorious system of classifying cultural works (books, films, etc.), known as the ‘Three Ts’, standing for the Hungarian words (Tiltott, Tűrt, Támogatott) for “Forbidden”, “Tolerated” and “Supported”. This system, imposed on art and artists by the cultural policy of the time, permeated every aspect of cultural life, including arts events, exhibitions and the publication of books alike. Our exhibition reveals how, despite the frames defined by banned themes (the Revolution of 1956, the Soviet occupation, the dictatorial nature of the political regime) and suffering from the lost illusions of 1956, artists continued to experiment in many ways to find forms of contemporary artistic expression.

The 1960s – or more precisely the years from 1958 to 1968 – was one of the most controversial periods in the history of Hungarian art. A period in which the previous decade’s socialist realist conventions marked by a false heroism and propagandistic depictions were still around but neo-avant-garde strivings aimed at provocatively addressing the true nature of reality were also awakening. Artists were restricted in their room for manoeuvre in these years. Invisible boundaries marked the realm within which artists could only express their need for modernity by imposing limitations upon themselves. Open communication was replaced by doublespeak, reading between the lines, the clever culture of coding and decoding: a manipulative world within the frames of the ‘Three Ts’ was introduced, showing more lenience than before but coming down hard on ‘trespassers’. 

The show – as well as the related publication – brings together the period’s significant masters, such as Viola Berki, Tibor Csernus, Béla Gruber, László Gyémánt, Ignác Kokas, Béla Kondor, Dezső Korniss, István Kurucz D., István Mácsai and József Somogyi. The works include many that are exhibited for the first time since the five to six decades of their entering public collections, as well as those by foreign artists – Bernard Buffet, Renato Guttuso, Fernand Léger, Pablo Picasso, Willi Sitte – who inspired Hungarian artists either in regard to their themes or styles.

Súly 1.68 kg
ISBN 9789639964112
Sorozatcím Publications of the Hungarian National Gallery 2017/6
Főszerkesztő Judit BORUS
Kiadó Museum of Fine Arts–Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest
Kiadás éve 2017
Borító Hardback
Oldalszám és illusztrációk 400 p., with colour illustrations
Grafikai tervezés Dániel NÉMETH L.
Nyelv English

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