Avercamp Bears pencil case

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Canvas pencil case with a natural coloured lining and a grey zipper. The vivid digital print is the same on both sides: an eventful winter landscape with teddy bears inhabiting a 17th century Dutch painting. They immerse themselves in the joys of winter activities and games with just as much zeal as the charcters in the original version. The case was intended for kids, but we won't be surprised if bear-crazy adults will also find it hard to resist.

Tiny museumgoers are very important to us. We always keep their preferences in mind when we come up with new giftshop collection ideas or create our book selection.This heartwarming, cheerful teddy bear collection was primarily intended for them. The fun items in this set can help kids study, play or rest, at home, at the breakfast table or in school. The colorful whirlwind of skating bears is a vision that fits winter holidays best, but who cares? The sight of them can cheer you up any time of the year.

It was one of the graphic designers of the Museum of Fine Arts, Szabolcs Mezei who turned this 17th century Dutch landscape from the Old Masters Gallery into a teddy wonderland, a truly endless bear-y cartoon. On the original painting - Hendrick Avercamp's Winter Scene with Skaters - we see the habitants of a little dutch town: wealthy and poor, young and old, all enjoying the pleasures of winter. Despite the small size of the image, it is hard take your eyes off its various scenes and numerous characters. For the sake of kids we replaced the humans with teddy bears, and our graphic artist even added a couple of new scenes to the many existing ones. The colours came alive and the bear versions of the characters got a new personality. A cool tip for families for the long, dark winter afternoons: compare the bear-version to the original and find the differences! It is a complete bear cinema experience and you don't even have to leave the house to see it! Just grab a teddy bear pillow case or a breakfast board and look at it.

Inspired by Hendrick Avercamp: Frozen River with Skaters, designed by Szabolcs Mezei.

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Weight 0.02 kg
Material cotton
Designer Szabolcs Mezei
Size 115 mm x 207 mm
Back The same as the front.
How to use Handwash only, do not tumble dry.

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