Frank Auerbach

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The works of this beautifully illustrated book have largely been chosen by the artist, each picture intended to be as distinct as possible from the others, so that together they form a vivid overview of his entire career. They are complemented by a selection made by Catherine Lampert, who has sat for Auerbach since 1978.

Frank Auerbach's (b.1931, Berlin) paintings - both of people and of the urban landscapes near his studio in Camden Town, London - are of the most resonant, inventive and perpetually alive works of art of the twentieth and the twenty-first centuries. From his very earliest works of the 1950s, his intetntions have been consistent: 'What I wanted to do was to record the life that seemed to me to be passionate and exciting and disappearing all the time'.

T. J. Clark describes his first encounter with one of Auerbach’s paintings, and his gradual comprehension of the artist’s unique approach to portraiture and urban landscape. Also included is one of Auerbach’s most important early interviews, a profoundly illuminating conversation with Catherine Lampert, now brought back into print for the first time since 1978. Supplemented by a chronology of his life and career, this is the key book on one of the most distinctive and compelling painters of our time.

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ISBN 978-1849762717
Szerző T. J. Clark
Szerkesztő(k) Catherine Lampert
Kiadó Tate Publishing
Kiadás éve 2015
Borító Soft cover
Oldalszám és illusztrációk 160 pp., with colour illustrations
Nyelv English

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