The Black Pigs - Gauguin card holder

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A colourful stiched leather case with four slots on the inside. Thanks to the print of Paul Gaugin's lively, rich painting on its cover we can enjoy the warm lustrous tones of the South Sea islands everyday. The colours of the card holder's inside are a bit more low-key: a combination of golden and deep green. A great accessory for those who love Post-Impressionism and exotic places.

Paul Gauguin: The Black Pigs, 1891 © Museum of Fine Arts - Hungarian National Gallery, Budapest

While pursuing his successful career as a broker, Gauguin only painted as a hobby, although he exhibited his early paintings at the shows held by the impressionist group. In 1883 he gave up his former job for good in order to dedicate his life to art. In 1891 he travelled to Tahiti, and in the same year he painted the picture titled The Black Pigs. His art by this time veering far away from its impressionist beginnings.

His pictures assumed profound meaning, his colours grew richer and his contours became simplier and more clear, and all this was done to achieve a concordant whole. The Tahitian landscape and the calm simplicity of the people who inhabited it inspired Gauguin to infuse his paintings with the same ancestral dignity and harmony that had been preserved in the local lifestyle and culture.

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Weight 0.02 kg
Material recycled leather
Size 107 mm x 77 mm
Back dark green
Produced by Crawford Henderson

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