In Search of Prince Genji - Japan in words and images

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The name of the protagonist in the thousand-year-old literary classic, Genji Monogatari, is always accompanied in Japanese by the sobriquet “hikaru”, which means ’to shine’, ’to sparkle’. The epithet refers not only to Prince Genji’s ethereal beauty, but also to his unparalleled intellect and his refined tastes and manners. This physical and mental perfection has elevated his figure to the status of the most iconic character in Japanese cultural history. His time and the realm of the eleventhcentury imperial court in Heian-kyō, today’s Kyoto are regarded as the cradle of classical Japanese culture.

The impact exerted by the work of Lady Murasaki over the last thousand years has been most profound, and this continues to lend enormous weight not only to the text itself, but also to the overwhelming array of creations that have derived inspiration from it. Titled In Search of Prince Genji – Japan in Words and Images, the exhibition focuses on the aesthetic ideal of Japanese traditional art and its reception by contemporary Hungarians; therefore it is an integral part of the series of exhibitions held at the Ferenc Hopp Museum of Asiatic Arts, placing classical Asian artworks alongside contemporary art creations.

The first section of the publication associated with the exhibition intends to present the literary, art historical and cultural historical aspects of the Japanese myth of Genji (studies written by Judit Vihar and Mirjam Dénes), while the second section approaches the subject from the point of view of contemporary Hungarian artists (studies written by Judit Vihar and Károly Kincses) 

Súly 1.16 kg
ISBN 9786155304491
Szerkesztő(k) Mirjam Dénes, Györgyi Fajcsák
Kiadó Ferenc Hopp Museum of Eastern Asiatic Arts, Budapest
Kiadás éve 2015
Borító Soft cover
Oldalszám és illusztrációk 265 pages with illustration
Nyelv English

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