Léon Spilliaert: from the depths of the soul

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The first publication in English of the ultimate monograph on painter Léon Spilliaert.

Léon Spilliaert (1881–1946) was one of the most important Flemish Symbolist painters. Although he was embedded in the Symbolist tradition, he was also drawn to the avant-garde. He was, in fact, an einzelgänger, or loner, balancing on the fault line between two centuries, a transitional figure between Symbolism and Surrealism. Spilliaert, like James Ensor, was born and raised in Ostend. And like Ensor, he was also driven by ridicule and irony, non-conformism and the urge to look at the world from a different perspective. He created his own spiritual imagery, experimented with pastel and gouache, and played with purified areas of colour and graceful lines. The sea under a cool moon, lonely figures with a vacant gaze, desolate beaches, empty rooms and stylised silhouettes in backlight: Spilliaert was always able to evoke an atmosphere of mystery, magic and alienation in abstract lines and colours.

Anne Adriaens-Pannier is the leading expert on Spilliaert and author of Leon Spilliaert: From the Depths of the Soul (2018). Adrian Locke is Senior Curator at the Royal Academy of Arts, London. Will Stone is a writer, poet and translator of French, Belgian and German literature. Noemie Goldman is Director of Eric Gillis Fine Art, Brussels, and a specialist in nineteenth-century art. Anna Testar is Assistant Curator at the Royal Academy of Arts, London.

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ISBN 9789491819902
Szerző Anne Adriaens-Pannie
Kiadó Ludion
Kiadás éve 2019
Borító Hardcover
Oldalszám és illusztrációk 336 pages, with colour illustration
Nyelv English

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