Let me see

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Let me see. A Guide on Guided Tours.

A book on the highlights of the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest or, from another angle, a handbook on guided tours. Written by two museum educators and one assistant curator, it is for everyone who is interested in art or education.

The book will guide you through the history of our European cultural heritage in a simplified way, while successfully embracing comlexities. The selected artworks are orgainsed into thematic groups. Among the topics covered are the history of the collection, art periods and styles, as well as genres and colours, and any more.

The authors want to spark your interest by showing you how they look at art. They present various approaches so that you can further your understanding and appreciation. Their underlying purpose is to teach you to fish as opposed to give you a fish. Enjoy the process.

Súly 0.54 kg
ISBN 9786155304453
Szerző Edina DEME, Anna Zsófia KOVÁCS, Zsófia TETTAMANTI
Kiadó Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
Kiadás éve 2015
Borító PB
Oldalszám és illusztrációk 176 p., with colour illustrations
Grafikai tervezés Péter NEMES
Nyelv English

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