Management of Art Galleries

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At its core, Magnus's study explores the financial challenges facing galleries today. Anyone in the field can gain insights from his observations and research.

What makes an art gallery successful? How do galleries ensure their marketing is right? How should galleries best approach new markets and customers, while still serving their loyal clientele? Based on the results of an anonymous survey sent to more than 8,000 galleries, Magnus Resch's insightful examination of the business of selling art, newly updated and revised, is a compelling read, with an approach that is both aspirational and practical.

Magnus Resch (Ph.D) is an art market entrepreneur and lectures cultural entrepreneurship at Columbia University. He is founder of the Magnus App which works like Shazam of Art. Leonardo DiCaprio is an investor and advisor. Magnus studied economics at Harvard University, the London School of Economics and the University of St. Gallen. Articles on him have appeared in The New York Times, Forbes, Bloomberg and the Financial Times. 

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ISBN 9780714877754
Szerző Magnus Resch
Kiadó Phaidon Press
Kiadás éve Revised edition, 2018
Borító Paperback
Oldalszám és illusztrációk 152 pp., 48 illustrations
Nyelv English

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