Museum of Fine Arts. Highlights from the Collection

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This special album was prepared for the occasion of the reopening of the Museum of Fine Arts and the finest pieces of the museum's collection are displayed in it. From antiquity to 1800, from the precious treasures of Egyptian and Greco-Roman culture, through the most renowned works of European sculpture, the highlights of the altarpieces from historical Hungary, the magnificent Renaissance and baroque paintings of the Old Masters' Gallery, and the superb sheets of the Collection of Prints and Drawings, this volume presents more than 160 masterpieces to the viewer, in an approximate chronological order, accompanied all the way through by analysis providing abundant information.

Second, revised edition of the volume titled Museum if Fine Arts, Budapest. Masterpieces from the Collection, editor-in-chief- Dr. Andrea Czére (Budapest, 2006).

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ISBN 9786155304965
Editor(s) Alexandra KOCSIS
Publisher Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
Published 2019
Format Hardback
Pages and Illustartions 364 p., colorful illustrations
Graphic design Zsófia PRESSING
Language English

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