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Simon Hantai - Foundation Louis Vuitton

23.500 Ft

Published to accompany an exhibition at the Fondation Louis Vuitton from 18 May-29 August 2022
An exceptional exhibition at the Fondation Louis Vuitton showing around 120 paintings of Simon Hantaï, some of them never shown before in a museum.

On the centenary of Hantaï's birth (1922-2008), the Foundation Louis Vuitton organizes a major retrospective exhibition of the artist's work. French of Hungarian origin, the artist received the first prize from the Maeght Foundation in 1967, then the national grand prize for plastic arts in 1980, as well as representing France at the 40th Venice Biennale in 1982. The exhibition will present around 120 works from the years 1957-2000, with mostly unpublished large formats exceptionally loaned by the artist's estate, as well as about 15 works which he donated to public institutions or from large private collections, in France or abroad. Hantaï was strongly influenced by Matisse and Pollock. An in-situ intervention by Daniel Buren will be designed as a tribute to the artist. The catalogue by Anne Baldassari, curator of the exhibition, will include contributions from Zsuzsa Hantaï, Anna Hantaï, Anne Baldassari, Jean- Luc Nancy (†), and Georges Didi-Huberman.